April 2017 Theme

Wild WestOur April Theme:
The American West

     Let’s go to the mountains, the forests and the deserts of the American West!  The Rocky Mountains were formed millions of years ago, and are home to fascinating animals & fragile plants.  Great evergreen forests grow in this region; some have the largest and oldest trees on Earth!

     Out West, we also find the high desert steppes, arid deserts and plateaus.  Our deserts are imbued with Native American history, artwoDinosaurrk and music.  They are home to strange desert creatures & plants too.  Perhaps most fascinating of all are the animals that used to roam the West: Dinosaurs!

“Lucky” the Leprechaun Visits

“Lucky” the Leprechaun Visits
Thursday & Friday, March 16th & 17th

     Around St. Patrick’s Day each year, Lucky the Leprechaun travels from his home in Ireland, or ‘The Emerald Isle,’ all the way to Kinder Works!  He tries to trick us with “upside down antics” and leaves a glittery shamrock trail throughout our school.  We’ll find out if this shimmery path leads to his treasured pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

March Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, March 23rd & 24th
“Your Invention: A Toy or Tool

       Encourage your child’s wild imagination this month!  Play together inventing something fun… How about something that flies?  Floats?  Rolls downhill?  Or maybe you would rather invent a new recipe in the kitchen… lumpy play dough, or special cookies?  Create a new art-form or invent a game; make up a silly song and record it on your phone.  Experiment and discover the results, design and create a new image… use the computer, use glue and scissors, use whatever you like.

     Send your child to school ready to share your wild imagination!