November 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our November Theme:
Fabulous Fall Harvest!

    Thanksgiving is a national holiday founded on giving and gratitude.  From the very first Thanksgiving, to the one we celebrate this month, one tradition still holds true: sharing the bounty of nature and our kitchens brings people together.  There are many examples of giving and gratitude from past to present, and personally.  We will see how many ways, with our Random Acts activities… as we share ways we have been kind (watch for this home project, and at school we will create a giant Horn of Plenty).

    This month, we also learn what “farm-to-table” is all about.  Fall harvest yields vegetables, fruits and grains from the garden, and as it gets colder, farmers prepare for their animals to survive the winter.  How do we grind the wheat to make flour for bread?  How is butter and applesauce made?

    Near the end of the month, we will hold our annual POW-WOWs to celebrate friendship by giving gifts we have made, and showing gratitude.

Our November calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar