October Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, October 26th & 27th
“Practicing Self-Calming Skills”

       This is the time of year when we focus on our self calming skills… With each night falling earlier, and Halloween decorations like jack-o-lanterns, spiders, and skeletons, it can be a scary time of year for little ones.  It’s important to teach self-calming skills so children can reassure themselves amidst all the excitement and change.

     A child may find comfort in a stuffed toy or a blanket, in a song or memory or thought.  A child may know to take a deep breath, ask for a hug, or distract him or herself with a favorite activity.

     Please send your child to school ready to share, or demonstrate how s/he finds comfort and calm.  Maybe another child finds reassurance in the same way, so feelings are validated and relationships are strengthened in this EQ opportunity.


September Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, September 21st & 22nd
“All About Me, and Getting To Know You”

       As we get to know each other, we’d like to give each child a chance to share a little about him/herself at our first EQ Show & Tell of the school year.  This sharing time validates a child’s feelings of importance and develops social skills that are fundamental to every relationship: the skills of speaking and listening.

     Show & Tell may be a favorite toy (that your child can operate on his/her own), a picture drawn or taken to demonstrate an accomplishment, or how your family spent the summer… or anything that helps your child tell about him/herself!

June Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, June 15th & 16th
“Celebrating Our Childhood”

       International Children’s Day began in 1925 and is still celebrated in many places around the world today.  It is a day to show respect for and celebrate childhood.  Here at Kinder Works, we are going to celebrate it all month long!  We will look at children all around the world, remember our EQ projects that helped those in need, and think of ways to continue helping.  So as we prepare for Show and Tell this month, we would like to honor our own children, and all that they have experienced during this school year.  As our school year comes to an end and we celebrate childhood, it is important for us to remember that children learn through play, exploration, and imagination!

     Ask your child to remember and share some of his or her most joyful experiences from this past school year.  They can draw a picture, share a favorite photo, or bring in an object that represents their fondest memory to share with their classmates during this month’s Show and Tell.

May Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, May 25th & 26th
“Healthy Earth, Healthy Me”

       This month, our children are learning that Earth is our home, and we all live on it together.  Every element that we share: air, earth, the sunlight, the forest, the animals… we all need to take care of these things.  We can keep everything healthy by helping each other, caring for and appreciating all living things.  What makes the Earth healthy?  Does music help bring harmony?  Does kindness resonate with animals?

     Ask your child what he or she does to contribute to the health, harmony, and happiness of living things.  Think about how you sit with your cat, or run with your dog.  Think about sitting outside in the twilight, listening to the rustling trees after the rain: remember that we need to water our gardens.  As the stars come out, we may realize we are a small part of something vast.  Perhaps we can draw a picture of our family under the night sky, and come closer to understanding this.  Perhaps there is a photo of the ocean or mountains you have visited that brings you appreciation of nature.  Or perhaps you can celebrate foods that are grown locally on neighboring farms.  Send your little one to school with an idea or artifact of how he or she celebrates, appreciates, and cares for life on Earth.

April Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, April 20th & 21st
“Be Wild and Talented! Demonstrate your Talent!”

       The Wild, Wild West reminds us of exploring new frontiers, as we recall pioneers who dreamed of creating new lives and used their talents to do so.  Cowboys sang under the stars, performed gymnastics in the saddle, and told stories around the campfire… settlers brought seeds to grow gardens to sustain them… they made their own clothes, and cooked from scratch… Native Americans demonstrated their talents in painting, dance, as well as story-telling… What do you think you can do?

     Parents, send your children in to Show and Tell eager to share their special talent.  Maybe it’s a photo or picture of something they did or made; perhaps it’s a story or a joke; it could be a work of art or a musical instrument to be played for us all!

March Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, March 23rd & 24th
“Your Invention: A Toy or Tool

       Encourage your child’s wild imagination this month!  Play together inventing something fun… How about something that flies?  Floats?  Rolls downhill?  Or maybe you would rather invent a new recipe in the kitchen… lumpy play dough, or special cookies?  Create a new art-form or invent a game; make up a silly song and record it on your phone.  Experiment and discover the results, design and create a new image… use the computer, use glue and scissors, use whatever you like.

     Send your child to school ready to share your wild imagination!

February Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, February 16th & 17th
“My Favorite Exotic Animal

       As we learn about faraway places in exotic climes, it’s instructive to realize that so many animals come from places all around the world. This month, we will be looking at maps, as well as the globe, to see where the animals of the rainforest are located. At the same time, we can find out where other wild animals are from, and appreciate that in this “digital age”, when it appears that everything is right here, in the palm of your hand, life is really abundant far, far away and all over the world.

     Your teachers will send home a small piece of paper. Please talk with your little one about the animal you both choose, and where it came from. Then put its picture (drawn, printed, or cut out of a magazine) and its name on the paper, along with the country of origin.

     Look for our map display!