January Infant/Toddler Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Infants!

Please enjoy pictures of our Younger Toddlers!

Please enjoy pictures of our Older Toddlers!

January Show & Tell

SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, January 26th & 27th
“My Favorite Book… or picture… or song”

       As we are exploring famous authors, painters, musicians and so on… our children can choose their favorite book, picture or song to present to the class for Show and Tell.  Your child can celebrate his or her favorite author, painter or musician this way.

     Send your child ready to share not only the work accomplished, but also a picture of the author or artist if possible.  This way, we can connect the people with the accomplishments, and realize that we are capable of creating great things!

January 2017 Theme

Book & PenOur January Theme:
(Artist, Composer, Architect, Explorer & Inventor!)

     This theme is back by popular demand.  Our Specialists and Class Teachers will choose their favorites from among famous builders, writers, poets, sculptors, painters and musicians.  Their discoveries and creations are the best of mankind.  And now, they can inspire our lesson plans, and our children!  Perhaps we will explore genres of expression or ideas that led to discoveries.  Perhaps we can try our hands at creating our own masterpieces or finding out how something works… our imagination has no limits!